Reducing Chronic Absenteeism:

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Reducing Chronic Absenteeism: A Critical Object in Improving Student Success
Oct 23, 2017; 9am - 12 pm at FEA
Presenters: Cynthia Rice, Senior Policy Analyst, Peter Chen, Policy Counsel, Advocates for Children of NJ; Adrienne Hill, Principal, Hedgepeth/Williams Middle School of the Arts, Trenton; Sandra Diodonet, Assistant Superintendent, Paterson Public Schools; and Chris Bruzios, School Climate Data Consultant, NJ Department of Education
Fee: $75 (includes lunch)

In order for students to succeed in school, they have to be present. Chronic absenteeism is a silent problem that can dimnish the academic succedss of students beginning in preschool and extending through 12th grade. When students miss too much school, it impacts everything- from their grades to their development of strong social and emotional skills - and this makes "catching up" extremely difficult. Because of the impact of student attendance on achievement both short - and long-term, New Jersey plans on using chronic

Start Date: Monday, October 23, 2017
End Date: Monday, October 23, 2017

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